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Ho Ho Howdy From Santa!

Santa loves to bring delight to faces of children and adults alike! He believes in the real meaning of Christmas and desires to promote giving and living an honorable life. Santa is comfortable in small home settings or large events and on camera. He is a real bearded Santa with both Traditional Santa and Western Santa attire. He is a member of the Lone Star Santas and International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas. Certified background checks and liability insurance documents are available.


Santa's Chimney Practice
Santa, As Seen on National Geographic

The 7 granddaughters loved it!! 3 months later the 4 year old granddaughter says “Gramma, what are the chances that I will ever get to see the Real Santa again at your house”. My heart melts. I said “Well, we have some time before Christmas, maybe pretty good, if I start marking phone calls”. Thank you so much!

-Karen Fenton

Highland Village, TX

Santa and Mrs. Claus were a huge hit at our HOA "Story Time with Santa" event on Dec. 3rd. We had over 100 people attending, with about half being young children. All were captivated by having both of the Claus's there and made memories they won't soon forget. They are just lovely people who truly care about giving the gift of Christmas magic to everyone but especially kids. The adults enjoyed it too!!

At about 7:30pm, the guests had left and we thought we were done. After holding all those kids on his lap, posing for pictures, telling stories and singing songs, I'm sure Santa was tired. But we had advertised he would be there until 8pm & he said he didn't ever want to disappoint a child so he hung out with us. Lo and behold, a family with two young children rushed in at 7:55pm and got to have their own private session with Santa. It made our night and I'm sure won't soon be forgotten by that family.

Can't say enough good things about Texas Western Santa.

              -Laura Margadonna

       Indian Creek of Carrollton                  HOA Social Committee

Santa and Mrs. Claus make memories magical!!! This sweet couple has been a part of our Christmas season for 3 years now and it only gets better. 
They are the kindest, most intentional pair that makes each kid feel loved. From the second they walk through the door to the very last moment, we are mesmerized by both of them. If you need a visit from Santa, there’s no better duo out there!!! We are so thankful for them.

-Sarah Overstreet

Denton, TX

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